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you'll see me soon enough

It has been quite a while since I last posted anything. School is consuming 90% of my time (projects, in-class readings, homework, going to class), 9% is in regards to readings for said classes (this is outside of class homework that is "behind the scenes," such as my book of choice for Literary Studies), and the last 1% is fun times I have with wasting my time on the internet. (By this I mean checking e-mails and researching. Oh joyous of days!)

This is all to say that I am quite busy. I am thoroughly enjoying my English major, however I have no time for personal things. In fact I should be finishing a paper for Introduction to Philosophy but considering it will take me half-an-hour to finish it I am goofing off a bit. Anyways the point of this entry is to inform everyone that I will be coming back soon. The school year is almost over and so Christmas break is only a month away. During those two weeks I will be reading for pleasure and iconing Tiger&Bunny. I cannot give a specific date as to when I will be returning but it will be some time mid-December.

Also thank-you for 107 watchers! I am not sure when I got so many but you are all quite wonderful. I hope I can please all of you soon enough with a new icon batch a month from now. Now I must go and write about the problem of evil...

(note. livejournal made cuts pointless and so now they will just pop open on the layout. please click the titles to get to a better formatting of the icons.)
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dragon age: i ▲ game {alistar; classic}

reviving an almost dead community

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Many months ago I switched accounts to fletrir but then decided another move was in order so now I am as you see me: varices. Originally I was going to come on here awhile ago and say that I had moved to rhoecus but seeing as how I love this place and have worked hard to keep it maintained, I am offically announcing that I am staying here to keep working on anime/manga icons. I may not be as passionate about most anime nowadays but I sure as heck have my loves (House of Five Leaves, Mononoke, & Tiger&Bunny). I'll be posting mainly Tiger&Bunny for now, however, I will slowly bring myself back to who I was at one point jamming out anime icons! Yuri all the way! Though I do not approve of your justice methods half the time: I am your loyal fan for other (lame) reasons!

Also memes are kind of old nowadays considering how many people have abandoned lj but those of you who are devoted followers: I'm posting a meme I made a while ago! It is mainly for me to find some new friends because I am a lj addict and will forever be with lj, and if you are with me then...friends? (LOL I DID NOT INTEND FOR THIS.)

The code is below the cut, so if you're game then fine, if not then have a good day and I'll see you again when I post some icons (and not incoherent rant sessions with my computer).
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